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Made with love, not plastic.

We make our toys from pure, food-grade silicone that’s 100% free of phthalates and BPA and doesn’t contribute to ocean plastic buildup.

Don’t just chew — GnawRightTM!

Our one-of-a-kind texture is less intrusive to gums than hard plastic, and totally irresistible to mouthy mutts. You can ask ‘em yourself. But they won’t answer ‘cause that would mean putting down their toy.

Baby your (fur)baby.

Did you know pets can have allergic reactions just like people? That’s why our toys are hypoallergenic, made from the same safe material used in baby teethers.

Surprisingly un-gross.

Let’s be honest, we love to play fetch but we do NOT love to pick up slimy gross toys. Yomp toys have a super-smooth non-porous surface that doesn’t degrade and gather grime. Plus you can pop ‘em in the dishwasher!

Yomp Soft Silicone Dog Toys vs Hard Plastic Dog Toys

We’re all waking up to the importance of choosing better materials to safeguard our families and our planet. Shouldn’t four-legged friends get the same TLC? We say yes, because plastic totally bites (and not in the good way).

silicone dog toys

Made from pure, food-grade silicone
Gentle on gums
Smooth, & non-porous
Hypo-allergenic and free of BPA and phthalates
Sustainably made from natural sand

Hard plastic
dog toys

May off-gas harmful chemicals
Prone to breaking and choking hazards
Hard to clean
Easily degraded, likely to trap germs and odors
May release allergens and irritants
Not sustainably sourced, contributes to ocean plastic buildup

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Dog Toys That Are Vet (& Pet) Approved
"Yomp was designed by dog lovers for dog lovers. It doesn’t off-gas, it is superiorly safe, and I am excited for dogs to experience Yomp's awesome texture! Animal safety and health is my job, and I am thrilled to be part of the Yomp team!"

Beth Stafford DVM, Columbus, OH

We Yompin’ Love Dogs

We’ve made a promise to pets (and their parents) to make their world just a little safer. And we’re willing to shake on it.
Our Story


Why dog destroy toys can be viewed as simple as instinct or finding prey and dive, finding something fun to play with.  Another reason could be as simple as boredom, it's fun and feels good!    

Reward Dogs for sharing their dog toys with a treat. Associating training with dog toys can help animals learn sharing and obedience. Dog toys should be motivational tools for training.  

If you're playing fetch and the other dog manages to grab the ball before your selfish pup has a chance, let him know that sharing his ball means getting an “atta boy!” and a piece of cheese.  Now there are some instances where a dog should be able to play solo, a tennis ball or doggy bowl.

Sharing dog toys with their owners and playmates!!! Begin your pup with an entry level dog toy, something he likes, but doesn't love.  Rewarding them with a treat on how they give up a toy is a simple way to get your pup to share, which will ultimately get them well equip to share with others :) 

Many dogs get anxious in front of people and also other dogs, especially in this day; dogs have developed more social anxiety.  In some cases, comfort can be a reason for why dogs hold on to toys. Whether nervous or excited, this is his psychological way of overcoming distress or reinforcing a positive emotion. In general, dogs will prefer toys that have a nice bite, malleable, sensational and have squeakers or sounds. 

Small dog toys, toxic plastics, marrow dog bones, rubber and latex fetch balls. 

Dos's get attached to toys for many different reasons.  They can think of them as friends and be playful.  Other dog's can look at toys as a parental figure, almost like motherly, fatherly or a surrogate. Dogs being nervous or excited can also be a reason  for a dog getting attached to a toy.   Different breeds of dogs like different toys, so Yomp is positioned as a collection of various toys for various dogs integrated with safety, more durable using food grade silicon.

Dogs play with their toys for mental and physical stimulation and enrichment.  Dog's want to play with something that stimulates them, Yomp uses SIlicon which is a material that is very stimulated to dogs, it offers a safer and more fun alternative to plastic.  Getting dogs to engage with their toys will help alleviate anxiety and enrich social engagement and obedience. 

Dogs destroying toys can be viewed as simple as instinct or finding prey or finding something fun to play with.  Another reason dogs destroy their toys could be as simple as boredom, it's fun and feels good!

Well, we are biased, we believe that Yomp brings the safest, long lasting/ durable, and stimulating firmness / texture to the market.Maybe that's why we are the fastest growing dog toy company out there today.