Girl taking a selfie with her dog
Pug with Yomp ChillChew

We’re For Play, Plain and Simple.

From leaping labradors to mutt pups rocking the tug-of-war, we think pet play brings out the best in all of us — including those of us who happen to have two legs. 
And speaking of bringing out the best, we know that overuse of plastic has no place in the future of happy, healthy pets and their people. We’ve made it our mission to bring safer, more sustainable, plastic-free toys to dogs and cats around the world....And if we can make life a little more fun for pet parents along the way, that's yompin’ awesome.

Meet The Yomp Advisory Board

Ripley the dog


"Ripley wouldn't hurt a flea, but he did knock down a split-rail fence leaping for his favorite Yomp."
Jackie the dog


“Jackie in two words: plump & lazy. Cue the Yomp FunFeeder.”
Trout the dog


“Trout is generally far too busy solving the world's problems to bother himself with toys. But Yomp has given him cause to reconsider.”
Man with Dog playing with YOMP BallBone

We Yompin’ Love Pets.

We’ve made a promise to pets (and their parents) to make their world just a little safer. And we’re willing to shake on it.
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