Yomp toys are 100% recyclable! 

Here at Yomp™ we care about sustainability and the well being of our planet just as much as we do fun and safety for our canine friends. After your dog's favorite Yomp™ toy has been thoroughly loved (and chomped to bits) you can send it back to us and we will recycle it. Our recycling program can turn even the most damaged toy into something of value again.

The high-grade materials we've chosen to manufacture with are unique in that they can be sterilized, ground down, and reformed into safe, new dog toys, or recycled completely to avoid adding unnecessary waste to our landfills! That's something to Yomp about!

Every Yomp™ toy we receive back makes our whole business a little greener. You can help us make our products truly zero-waste by joining the circle of renewal. Send your old Yomp™ dog toys to us here at our home base in Denver, CO and we'll handle the rest. 

Attn: Recycle 
2031 Bryant Street
Denver, CO 80211