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Your Dog Toy Questions Answered

Reward Dogs for sharing their dog toys with a treat. Associating training with dog toys can help animals learn sharing and obedience. Dog toys can be motivational tools for training. 

If you're playing fetch and the other dog manages to grab the ball before your selfish pup has a chance, let him know that sharing his ball means getting an 'atta boy!' and a piece of cheese. Now there are some instances where a dog should be able to play solo, such as with a tennis ball or slow feeder bowl.

Begin your pup with an entry level dog toy, something they like, but don't love. Reward them with a treat when they give up the toy voluntarily to you on request. It's a simple way to get your pup to share, and will ultimately get them well equipped to share with new dogs at the park.

Many dogs become anxious in front of people and other dogs.  In some cases, dogs will carry around toys to comfort themselves. Whether nervous or excited, this is their psychological way of overcoming distress or reinforcing a positive emotion. In general, dogs will prefer toys that have a nice bite, malleable, sensational and have squeakers or sounds. 

Small dog toys, toys made from toxic plastics, marrow dog bones, rubber and latex fetch balls. 

Dogs get attached to toys for many different reasons. They can think of them as friends, or look at the toy as an extension of themselves. Other dogs can view their toys almost as if they were a parental figure. Anxiety can also bond a dog to a dog, as it comforts them to possess it.

Dogs play with toys for mental and physical stimulation, and enrichment. YOMP uses mineral-based silicone and plant-based options for the manufacture of our dog toys, which are both very stimulating materials for dogs. These materials offer a safer and more fun alternative to plastic. Getting dogs to engage with their toys will help alleviate anxiety and enrich social engagement and obedience. 

Why dogs destroy toys can be viewed as simple as instinct or prey drive. Another reason could be boredom, it's fun and feels good!

We, we are biased, and believe that Yomp offers the safest and best toys on the market. The silicone is firm and has an appealing texture in a dog's mouth.

Your dog is going to let you know when they love a certain toy! Learn from their preferred activities and lean into it. If they enjoy playing tug of war get them some new tug toys; if they love chasing toys around get them a frisbee or fetch ball. Yomp has them all!

Safety is key. We don't want anything to happen to our babies! Safe balls are made of nontoxic materials that do not cause obstructions or choking hazards. Every single one of Yomp's deluxe silicone toys are exactly that (and they’re easy to clean).

Just like the story of Goldilocks, some toys are too big, some toys are too small, and some are just right! Too big and your dog is opening their jaw unnaturally wide to grab it, too small and they could swallow it!

Strong chewers can easily break a tennis ball in their jaws, leading to choking or digestive distress. Dogs all also seem to love shredding the fuzz off the outsides, which again can be swallowed and lead to injury or worse. 

The game 'tug of war' provides great mental and physical exercise for your pet, as well as an opportunity for you to train them to let go when you ask. Dogs have an instinctual desire to try to pull and tug on something someone else has. A Yomp tugger will stand the test of time and be satisfying both in your hand and in their mouth! Toss it in the dishwasher for a high-powered clean and sterilization. 

Aim to play with your dog twice a day, in between walks, for about fifteen minutes. Circulate toys and keep them engaged in different ways to keep their brain active and limbs limber. 

Sure is! It’s also good for your dog’s strength and confidence! Grab your dog’s favorite Yomp TogPup and let them have the other end. They won’t let go even when you do! 

Compliments, treats, affection and touching, and positive reinforcement are the golden standard for training your dog to learn anything. If you're playing fetch and another dog manages to grab the ball before your pup, let him know that sharing means getting an 'atta boy!' and a piece of cheese. This may take time so be patient, and mindful of your dog’s energy. If they begin to get stressed out or the other dog is too dominant, let them play alone for a while, or change the setting, and reintroduce group play another time when they have calmed down. 

All dogs have an instinctual drive to chew, and feel accomplished when biting and tearing at something. They can also be chewing out of boredom or anxiety, or even trying to assert a lost sense of dominance. This is why choosing safe Yomp dog toys for them to chew on are essential! Channel their natural energy into encouraged activities like playing with toys. Compliment them for choosing dog toys to play with instead of your belongings and they will catch on fast! Treats help!

Every dog has their own preferences. Some dogs like bones, others like balls, some like chasing toys and frisbees. Your buddy will let you know what kind of toys they like. Present them with one option at a time and see how they respond! Yomp knows that there’s a toy out there for every playful pup.

Dog bone toys are completely different from edible dog bones, and should never be consumed. For safety, it’s important to keep in mind that no toy is indestructible, and even high quality bone toys could break down after extensive chewing. Inspect bone toys regularly, and if you see signs of wear it’s time to recycle.

Nope. While allowing dogs to chew on actual animal bones can be dangerous, dog bone toys made of nontoxic materials like silicone are perfectly safe. Just remember that no toy is indestructible, so reasonable supervision is important. If you do see signs of “excess love” like surface breakdown or loose bits, it’s time to recycle.  

Human toys are not designed for dogs and should not be used by them, especially baby teethers. Human babies have much smaller mouths and teethers made for them and can be swallowed whole by a dog, causing choking, intestinal blockages, or death!

Dogs shouldn't be eating any part of their toys. Toys are made for play, not food. If your dog is consuming pieces of their toy, take it away immediately and replace it with a different one.  Don't punish them, just make the trade. They will love the new toy! Choose Yomp!

It is. Puppies go through the teething process and older dogs sometimes experience tooth pain or gum disease. A dog teether toy can satisfy their need to chew while also being gentle on their teeth and gums. Some teethers are designed with teeth cleaning grooves, bumps, and filaments as well. 

Yes, teething dog toys can bring them relief from teething pain and soreness, and help the process along. It can also train them early to chew on their Yomp toys instead of your power cords. 

Our one-of-a-kind GnawRight(TM) texture is less abrasive to gums than hard plastic, and totally irresistible to mouthy mutts. You can ask ‘em yourself, but they won’t answer ‘cause that would mean putting down their toy.

Softer dog chew toys are very engaging, and bring excitement and happiness to dogs that play with them (and their owners). Some softer chew toys can be easily dismantled or torn apart so keep an eye on your pet while they’re playing. 

Try a little of everything at first. Engage your puppy in a variety of playtime activities and they will learn and grow in confidence and strength. After a while you will learn what toys they like the best by how excited they get when they play with it. Maybe you have a frisky jumper on your hands who would love a frisbee or ball, or a chewer who would love a squeaker toy. Yomp offers a little bit of everything to get things going.  

There are the big names, like Chewy, and other online retailers that sell collections of other brands and ship directly to your house. Then there are brick-and-mortar pet supply stores for same-day enjoyment; Petco, namely. Subscription boxes that have mystery offerings sent at pre-selected intervals like BarkBox. Finally you can go right to the source and buy directly from the website of your favorite dog toy brand. Yomp is proud to sell our products directly, with fast and free shipping options, as well as through all of the above channels, so you can find the best toys out there anywhere you dig. 

A dog frisbee is, well....a frisbee made for dogs! Dog frisbees should be safe, easy to clean, and fun for a dog to catch. You might think your normal human frisbee is fine but they are made of hard plastics that could harm dogs’ gums or even break into shards when chomped on. Our Yomp FetchFlyer is made of the safest material on the market, food-grade silicone. As an added bonus it floats in the water.

The frisbee is a very popular choice for pet owners, and dog-specific frisbees are the best choice for dogs. They are designed to be caught safely in a dog's mouths and will not shatter or snap. The Yomp FetchFlyer is great because it floats, in water and on the air, and it’s made of the safest silicone material we could find.

That depends on your dog. Some dogs watch the frisbee sail away and look right back at you like 'why did you throw that?'. Other dogs go sailing after it and love the sensation of catching. Your frisbee-loving dog might have a stronger prey drive and be stimulated by the chase. Try one out and see how they like it!

If your dog can’t seem to figure out why you threw that frisbee start smaller, with their favorite toy at home. Toss it across the room and when they go get it coax them back with a small treat and a command to return. Then take it outside and start giving treats every couple of times. Then when they’re into the game you can get them going anywhere!

Absolutely! Rope balls provide great exercise and fun for fetch, tugging games and more. Just make sure your toy is made from high-quality materials including natural, 100% cotton rope. It’s natural for rope fibers to break down a bit over time, and cotton is a safe choice that won’t harm your dog.

Rope toys are fun and safe, but it is important to make sure the rope portion is non-synthetic, just in case breakdown occurs with heavy usage. Yomp toys use only natural, 100% cotton rope. 

Non-synthetic rope toys have a great texture. Dog’s love a good mouth feel and something that has a little give under their teeth. Non-synthetic ropes can stand up to their chewing power as well and we both love a toy that lasts.

Some dogs might need you to encourage them to participate as they may not be interested in the activity right away or understand that it is a game. They might think you are just taking the toy away. Engage them with some small side-to-side movements to start play with a cautious tugger. A few golden rules to keep in mind: Always tug from side to side, not up and down, and don't pick a dog up by the tugger and hang them off the ground. Have fun!

Absolutely. Chewing is delightful to a dog, and when they do it they’re focusing on the sensation and activity so much that their brain actually lights up! 

It is good mental and physical stimulation for our canine friends. When they chew they’re strengthening their jaw and neck muscles as well and engaging their brain. Like anything, moderation is key. Give their jaw a break sometime with other activities.

Labradors, Chihuahuas, Golden Retrievers, Border Collies, Jack Russell Terriers, and more. But almost all dogs like to chew so make sure they have something dog appropriate to chomp on. Like Yomp!

Healthy and safe mean different things. Dog chew toys and chew bones are not meant to be eaten, but they should be made of safe materials that do not cause harm when accidentally ingested. The silicone Yomp manufactures with can handle sterilization temperatures and deep cold ones as well, and will not cause intestinal obstructions.

Slow feeder bowls are dog food bowls that have obstructions built into them to slow down the pace of a dog’s eating. These slow feeders come in a variety of different materials and levels of complexity. Yomp believes that food-grade silicone is the safest choice so makes all our toys and feeder bowls out of it.

Some dogs eat so fast they vomit, and most don't have the ability to regulate their desire to eat. Provided with free food some dogs will also eat themselves into obesity. It's also really hard to put a dog on a diet. Slow feeders promote good eating habits and stretch out meal time so as to prevent gorging behaviors and enhance good digestion.

Yomp's slow feeder can be washed in warm, soapy water or a dishwasher. Don't use bleach or other chemicals as these can leave a toxic residue your dogs will ingest in their next session. 

All slow feeders have puzzles or grooves for your dog to work at to get access to their food. If your dog is an overeater, start with a few treats and see how long it takes them to figure it out. Frozen peanut butter or dog safe protein foam can be squeezed into the feeder as well, then frozen to lengthen the time your dog is engaged. If your dog is whipping through those puzzles or hoovering down the treats in minutes they're too smart for the feeder and need a more complex one.