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Yomp BallBone

Your dog’s new favorite ball bone toy
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What’s better than a dog with a bone? A dog with a super-safe silicone Yomp BallBone. Shaped and textured for satisfying chomp, the BallBone is made from our unique GnawRightTM material for all the nom-nom-nom your dog loves without the hazards of chewing real bones or sticks. 

100% silicone. BPA & phthalate free.
Made for soft to medium chewers
Appropriate for dogs 15-60 lbs
Size: 9.6" x 6.4"

There’s A Reason Why Yomp’s Top Dog Of Bone Toys



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Safer For Pups
Safe + fun dog bone toys
  • Vet-recommended
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 100% pure, ultra-durable food-grade silicone
  • Phthalate-free, BPA-free, latex-free, plastic-free
  • Does not off-gas unsafe chemicals
Better For The Planet
Yomp dog bone toys
  • Silicone is sustainably made from natural sand
  • Manufactured using a process with a low carbon footprint
  • Dishwasher-friendly and built to last — which means less waste
  • If the time comes, we’ll recycle it for you
Woman with her dog playing with YOMP BallBone
Why Do Dogs Love to Chew Bones?

Your doggo’s great, great, great, great grandma may well have been a wolf in the wild hunting critters for dinner. So gnawing bones is second nature!

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Yomp BallBone Reviews
Don’t just take our woof for it ...

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

We got this bone and love it so far. My dog can’t damage it and I love how when he drops it it’s quiet too compared to a normal bone. It’s more gentle on his teeth as well. Reccomend!


I am not satisfied my dog was able to chew it and bite off a large piece of the toy. Not safe for her.


At first I was really excited thinking that this Yomo Ballbone is as strong and durable as the commercial but guess not. My 7 month old Golden Retriever broke the ballbone in a minute it or two.

Pat A.
Great for big pups!

My 80lb American Bulldog normally doesn't like toys too much, he prefers to find sticks and branches on our walks and drag them home with us. But when we got the ball bone, he started playing with it right away! He's an aggressive chewers and hasn't gotten bored or destroyed the ball bone even with hours of playing with it! Very durable!

We also trained him to bring it in the car when we go day hiking to keep him entertained and avoid having chewed up trees in the back seat! He loves it!


My boys love there toys, there super cute and cute colors and very durable two in one for me!

Dog Toy FAQ

All dogs have an instinctual drive to chew and feel accomplished when biting and tearing at something. They can also be chewing out of boredom or anxiety or trying to assert a lost sense of dominance. This is why choosing safe Yomp dog toys for them to chew on are essential! Channel their natural energy into encouraged activities like playing with toys. Compliment them for choosing dog toys to play with instead of your belongings and they will catch on fast! Treats help!

Every dog has their own preferences. Some dogs like bones, others like balls, some like chasing toys and frisbees. Your buddy will let you know what kind of toys they like. Present them with one option at a time and see how they respond! Yomp knows that there’s a toy out there for every playful pup.

Dog bone toys are completely different from edible dog bones, and should never be consumed. For safety, it’s important to keep in mind that no toy is indestructible, and even high quality bone toys could break down after extensive chewing. Inspect bone toys regularly, and if you see signs of wear, it’s time to recycle. (And, naturally, choose safe, nontoxic, plastic-free toys like Yomp to begin with!)

Nope. While allowing dogs to chew on actual animal bones can be dangerous, dog bone toys made of nontoxic materials like silicone are perfectly safe. Just remember that no toy is indestructible, so reasonable supervision is important. If you do see signs of “excess love” like surface breakdown or loose bits, it’s time to recycle.